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This webinar series is not only an off-shoot of the Build IT Event but also comes with the same goals – to help MSPs transform their businesses. Each of our weekly webinars will be focusing on topics that pose significant challenges to MSP success. Episodes will feature from across the IT Channel who’ll discuss the problems, resolution strategies, and proven tactics that can be incorporated into your business for positive impacts. Those proven tactics will also be in the form of topic-centric Tools provided to all Webinar attendees.

Many of these speakers will also be leading Build IT Workshops providing more in-depth information on business challenges, and offering the opportunity to discuss your specific challenge in greater detail.

So whether you’re looking for that next great way to improve your Operations, or hoping for a “taste of Build IT”, these webinars are for YOU!

Episode 10: Wednesday, July 3, 10:30 AM ET

Corralling Your Culture: the 7 core areas that impact culture

Speaker: Arial Harland (Great America)

Corporate Culture has gone from an interesting buzzword to being the basis of not only how appealing you are to quality candidates, but also as a main component of keeping your best and brightest team members. Join Arial Harland, Organizational Development Consultant, as she discusses what a successful approach to cultivating a positive culture looks like.

Episode 11: Thursday, July 11, 1 PM ET

Turn Compliancy Needs into MSP Revenue

Speaker: Marc Haskelson (Compliancy Group)

Understanding the layers of compliance requires an understanding of Client goals. Join Marc Haskelson as he reviews the myriad of factors that defines what Compliance expertise you need, and how you can leverage this for additional revenue from an enhanced Solutions Stack.

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