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July 14-16
Hyatt Regency
Jersey City, NJ



This webinar series is not only an off-shoot of the Build IT Event, but also comes with the same goals – to help MSPs transform their businesses. Each of our weekly webinars will be focusing on topics that pose significant challenges to MSP success. Episodes will feature from across the IT Channel who’ll discuss the problems, resolution strategies, and proven tactics that can be incorporated into your business for positive impacts. Those proven tactics will also be in the form of topic-centric Tools provided to all Webinar attendees.

Many of these speakers will also be leading Build IT Workshops providing more in-depth information on business challenges, and offering the opportunity to discuss your specific challenge in greater detail.

So whether you’re looking for that next great way to improve your Operations, or hoping for a “taste of Build IT”, these webinars are for YOU!

Episode 1: Thursday, May 16, 2 PM ET

Building the RIGHT MSP Sales Org

Speakers: Adam Slutskin (Liongard) and Kam Kaila

Adam Slutskin of Liongard and Kam Attwal-Kaila of IT By Design will be discussing the ins-and-outs of building a productive and efficient Sales Organization. You’ll walk away with considerations for your first Sales Hire, Structure, correcting bad practices, AND Liongards Sales Best Practices tailored to MSPs!

Episode 2: Thursday, May 23, 2 PM ET

The X Y Zs of M&A

Speakers: Arlin Sorensen (ConnectWise), Paul Cissel (1 Path) and Kam Kaila

Channel veterans Arlin Sorensen of ConnectWise and Paul Cissel of 1 Path will join us to discuss those Little M&A Details you haven’t thought about. Topics will include the “right number”, Non-Negotiables, Deal Structure, and Overlooked Costs.

Episode 3: Thursday, May 30, 2 PM ET

Managing Productive Conflict within Your Teams

Speakers: Shawn Walsh (Taylor Business Group) and Kam Kaila

Certified DiSC Facilitator, Shawn Walsh of Taylor Business Group, will be sharing unique insights on the intricacies of conflict resolution within your Teams, and how to approach improving communication. This is one you will NOT want to miss!

Episode 4: Thursday, June 6, 2 PM ET

9 Key Principles for a Great Strategic Plan

Speakers: Brad Schow (ConnectWise)

Join Brad Schow of ConnectWise, as he discusses the key principals to incorporate into your execution… no matter the strategy you’re using. He’ll be reviewing the typical mistakes made in developing strategy, and the 9 Principles to focus on to avoid them.

Episode 5: Wednesday, June 12, 2 PM ET

Solving the Packaging Paradox

Speakers: Gary Pica (TruMethods)

Your Solution Stack defines your business, and how you manage its evolution defines your profitability. Join us as we sit down with Gary Pica to discuss how to make the most out of your offerings.

Episode 6: Wednesday, June 19, 2 PM ET

The Automation Journey

Speaker: James Lippie (Kaseya)

Join James Lippie of Kaseya, along with his ID Agent colleagues, as they discuss what everyone is talking about… Security. Learn how best to position this solution to both complement your other offers, and be impactful enough to stand-alone as needed.

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