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The most common question we hear about building a culture of WOW is “what are the first steps to take on this journey?” As a company walking on this path, we have six lessons that we’ve learned along the way:
Lesson 1
A company needs to live its values, starting at the top. Our CEO often says that his biggest responsibility is leading the team by example. Make sure your values are in the center of every decision you make, from the front r

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Thursday, September 19, 2 PM  ET

Overview: MSPs are selling Azure, but what does that really mean? Join nerdio as they discuss how to create a successful and profitable cloud practice in Microsoft Azure.  No prior Azure knowledge or experience required! 

Explore how MSPs can take advantage of the game changing Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and how this technology is going to accelerate cloud adoption for traditional IT.  

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Thursday, August 29, 2 PM  ET

Overview: We often hear great leaders talk about the importance of people at their organizations.  Hiring great people is fundamental to an organization’s success.  Your people are your competitive advantage, and are the foundation for innovation and sustainable success.  And yet, there is often little to no measurement of the performance of a hiring operation.  

Being great at recruiting is a conscious decision that requires a structured process.  It requires a plan, and the tools in place to execute it.  In this webinar you will be exposed to the philosophy behind top grading hiring, and walk away with a scorecard to assure you are bringing the right people into your organization 

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