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Staffing By Design

Why not hire staff at a fraction of the cost of a full-time, internal employee? Our dedicated resources are thoroughly vetted and work for you just as an internal employee would – without the burden rate. We help you find the right resource from our pool of IT talent. They work remotely out of our state-of-the-art facility. You set the schedule. We handle the rest.

No headahces, no hassle, just qualified resources. It’s that simple.

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  • Dedicated Remote Engineer from the ITBD NOC
  • No Burden Rate or Benefits – Corp to Corp
  • No HR Headache – we do the recruitment, you pick the resources you want
  • Resources are dedicated to YOU and ONLY YOU
  • You set the schedule, 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week
  • They work out of your RMM and PSA, have your email ID and phone, and report directly to your service manager
  • We setup the interview and you choose the person that’s right for your team
  • Fully Managed by a team of professionals who are Masters in their field


ITBD engineers are highly trained professionals, recruited from some of the premier technology solutions providers in the world. Our engineers are trained in both ConnectWise and LabTech during an intensive onboarding bootcamp. As an MSP, engineers work for us while they are on our bench.

If they aren’t good enough for us, they aren’t good enough for you.


Helpdesk Support Specialist

Supporting your end users and their desktops, laptops and applications

Advanced System Admin

Supporting your servers and network devices

Technology Expert

Subject Matter Expert in at least one technology, e.g. networking, virtualization, storage…


Helping attain maximum utilization of internal and field resources

Automate Certified Admins

ConnectWise Automate Certified System Admin or Technology Expert

Research Analyst

Support Function Train to help with market research and identify opportunities

Onboarding Process

Identify Resources

Selection Process



Continued Support


“Go To” Support

“MSP B” was looking for an L3 engineer that would be their “got to” for all escalations. Bringing on an L3, and getting his team’s buy-in, was the biggest challenge. Having tried to find the right fit for so many years, “MSP B” gave ITBD a try.

After going through our bench and interviewing our resources, “MSP B” decided on John. John became a “go to” for all of his team’s escalations – a mainstay that would be available to them to take over all tasks once they got started. There wasn’t a problem he couldn’t fix, and “MSP B’s” team couldn’t get enough of John. “MSP B” has been so happy with John, he’s now using ITBD to build a Helpdesk.

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