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24×7×365 Monitoring + Maintenance


24×7×365 Monitoring


Full Support


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NOC By Design

It’s 2 AM, do you know what your servers are up to? Let ITBD answer the call with a proven global service delivery model that supports your clients’ most critical needs. We offer around the clock support in managing your infrastructure .

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Network Devices | SANs | Servers VMs | Hosts

We are NOT a Call Center We understand how MSPs deliver services.

ITBD offers 24×7×365 Full Comprehensive support with total accountability for ticket resolution including working with 3rd party vendors and ISPs.

Multiple levels of support provide complete infrastructure management along with the flexibility to choose multiple levels of end user support.

We take a proactive approach which includes extensive reporting on AV management, system performance analysis, and hardware and software audits.

All of this is offered to MSPs by a master MSP with 15 years of experience and 100’s of high level engineers in our NOC.

NOC offerings are all 24×7 and are defined by the specified package.


After Hours Support

“MSP C” began their search for an after-hours service to provide coverage to their clients, increase employee satisfaction with fewer after hours calls, and get pesky maintenance tasks done. Having done their research, they decided that the ITBD model of dedicated resources was the best fit for their organization. They began with one resource to work the 3 PM – 12 AM shift. The resource did so well interacting with their customers, they moved him into the general shift. They hired a second resource, who also earned a spot in the general shift. They then hired a 3rd resource, and now they have hired a 4th – L3- to take the work load of the owner who will no longer be working “in the business” but “on the business”

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