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Helpdesk By Design

We know nothing ever happens from 8am-5pm. It’s always when you least expect it. Helpdesk support is often one of the most difficult jobs in any organization; having to be the firefighter when a computer is crashing, or a user has a deadline and their presentation won’t print. These are scenarios we’ve all encountered.

The challenge is always the same; there are never enough resources to get it all done.

By utilizing IT By Design’s 24×7 LIVE helpdesk, you can relieve your team from working nights and weekends and prevent your high-value employees from working on low-value tasks.


  • White labeled solution; your clients see your brand
  • Average response time of 15 minutes, allowing your team to work on the larger issues at hand
  • Proactive technology management
  • Global presence: Your users can call from anywhere in the world and get immediate support
  • 100% Transparency: Flat per node rate allows you to effectively manage costs
  • No hidden fees or blackouts. We provide all-inclusive, flat fees


Business Day

Call, answer, and support services provided from our Jersey City, NJ offices

After Hours

5 PM – 8 AM weekday and 24×2 weekend
support provided from one of our two Network Operations Centers

24×7 Support

24×7 all you can eat buffet of full support.
US based business day support and after hours support from our NOC

Call Answer

24×7 Call Answering services only.
POC will be notified when a call or request is made


Live Helpdesk

One of the top 5 cable, internet, and VOIP providers in the country wanted to expand into Managed Helpdesk Services. After the market research had shown that other attempts at making a profit in thus area were not successful due to their lack of understanding and expertise in these fields, this provider chose to work with ITBD.

Because of ITBS’s managed services approach and years of expertise in this market, they were an easy-to-choose partner in their venture into this market space. ITBD is providing a full Helpdesk offering to the ISP’s client base and is responsible for the delivery of this entire product offering.

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