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Network Risk Assessment: Overview

So you haven’t been hit by a hacker or virus yet. This doesn’t always mean your network is secure. Your network could already be compromised and you don’t know it. How susceptible are you to a hack?

There is a huge pent-up demand for IT security services that few service providers are taking advantage of primarily because, (a) their clients don’t know what they don’t know, and (b) the service providers don’t feel they have the skills on staff to deliver the service.

IT by Design can help you understand your security posture with a Network Risk Assessment.


  • IT by Design’s Network Security Experts can evaluate your network and provide a:
    • Security risk report with summary charts, graphs, and an explanation of the risks found
    • Security policy assessment report to provide a detailed review of the security policies that are in place on both a domain wide and local machine basis.
    • Share permission report to let you know which shares exist and who has access to what on your network shares
    • Microsoft best practices report to let you know how you perform against industry recommendations
    • Professional IT Security SWOT analysis report
  • IT by Design’s Network Security and Infrastructure Experts can then help you customize and prioritize a remediation plan to ensure you network is as secure as possible.

Giving you the biggest bang for your buck - ITBD excels at providing the most robust service offering, with process driven high availability support, at a price your organization can value.

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