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Providing 5 Nine’s Availability

Managing complex infrastructures, requiring 5 Nine’s availability, is a key component of ITBD’s IMS Services. With a robust team of SME’s (Subject Matter Experts), ITBD’s Enterprise team manages the most complex of network architectures, providing around the clock support, including:

  • 24×7 Unlimited Remote Support and Immediate Access to Subject Matter Experts
  • Dedicated Team of Resources Assigned Specifically to the Management of Your Architecture
  • 24×7 Network Monitoring and Remediation of All Network Resources
  • Proactive Technology Management Services Including Robust Monthly Maintenance of All Server Architectures
  • Consolidated Ticketing System with the Ability to Assign Tickets between ITBD and Customer Resources
  • Setting Industry ‘Best Practice’ Standards for Company IT Policy and Procedures
  • Maintaining Strict Change Control Policies and Procedures
  • Detailed Analysis of Support Trends and Root Cause Analysis of Network Issues
  • Enhancing the Availability and Accessibility of Information
  • Promoting Adaptability of Network Resources to Target Your Business Needs
  • Ensuring Interoperability Between Network Infrastructure and External Sources
  • Ensuring the Effective Management and Optimal Operation of Key Network Infrastructure Devices
  • Providing the Absolute Best in Quality of Support, Attentiveness, Response Time, and Customer Service

99.999% Uptime of Network Architecture

The GOAL for every company should be to maintain 99.999% uptime of their network architecture. That’s equivalent to 5.26 minutes of downtime per year. With IT teams often being the hardest strapped for resources, our network management solution provides your organization with an invaluable right hand to help support the day to day and bigger picture needs. At ITBD we strive to ensure that all of our clients achieve 5 Nine’s support and have robust impenetrable architectures that are effectively maintained and efficiently managed. It’s about people and process and ITBD has both key elements to effectively support your network management needs.

Giving you the biggest bang for your buck - ITBD excels at providing the most robust service offering, with process driven high availability support, at a price your organization can value.

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