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Don’t Overlook the Most Common Cloud Backup Mistakes


The availability of laptops, smart phones and other computing devices mas made it important to access data and files on all the platforms and keep them synced for anytime, anywhere usage. Thankfully, there is cloud, an online data storage platform that is now available to users on any device, through internet. Cloud solutions are confirmed to be useful for personal as well as business use. Depending on the storage needs, one can get it free or in varying rates from Online Data Backup Services for more storage.

On the other hand, people make certain cloud backup mistakes that results in loss of data or in the hassles of keeping them synced. The most common types of careless mistakes that cloud users commit are shared below –

  • Not Signing Off from Public PCs
    This is a security blunder which occurs when users are used to retrieving their files on their own devices. They forget to sign off, if they use public computers to access the files and this puts them at greater risk of data loss.
  • Unable to Sync Properly
    There are times when the broadband network face issues or minor hiccups that ultimately affects proper syncing of files. Often, users close their internet browsing or shut down their device before the files are synced successfully. Later, when they want to access them, it becomes surprising as the files are missing.
  • Unorganized Folders
    Failing to properly organize plenty of files in folders makes the cloud space messy and quite difficult for users to find the files when they need.
  • Leaving the Folders as Public
    There are multiple settings on the control panel of Online Data Storage Solutions providers that are set as default. Leaving personal folders and files in default settings marks them as public that pose a threat to loss of data, personal files and documents. Changing settings for private folders helps to keep files more secure.

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