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Data Backup & Recovery

What would happen if:

  • Your computer hard drive crashed and you don’t have a backup of your data?
  • There is a fire in your building, the sprinklers go off and your server is destroyed?

How would you run your business without your

  • Accounting data-billable & receivable
  • Databases
  • Important emails, contacts & calendar appointments
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Essential Business Data

CLIENT: A major event planning company

NEEDS: Server crashed and their backup hadn’t worked for months

IMPLEMENT: We were called in when the server crashed and their existing IT Pro was unable to retrieve their data. We removed the failed hard drives from the server, and sent them to our data recovery division. We then obtained new hard drives, rebuilt the server with hard drive redundancy, implemented and effective and reliable backup solution, and then created a remote disaster recovery site that ensured this problem could not occur in the future.

RESULTS: We were able to retrieve the data and restore it to the new server. Now there is a newly built server, all of their data, and a backup solution to ensure that their data is never at risk again.

VALUE: What is the Value of your DATA?

Giving you the biggest bang for your buck – ITBD excels at providing the most robust service offering, with process driven high availability support, at a price your organization can value.

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