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Event will focus on filling knowledge gaps for owners/leaders of IT Service Provider businesses 

Jersey City, NJ, March, 5, 2019 – IT By Design (ITBD), a market leader of providing Engineering Talent to IT Service Providers, announces new event aimed at addressing knowledge gaps of Small-to-Medium sized businesses who provide IT solutions.  On July 14, 2019 the company will hold the inaugural Build IT Event in Jersey City, NJ. The event’s purpose is to provide working knowledge to business leaders within the IT Channel, which then can be immediately applied when returning to lead their companies.

Throughout the company’s history, ITBD has been continually recognized as a successful Managed Service Provider (MSP), and positively impacting the IT Channel with innovative solutions and dynamic educational content.  Most recently, the Company was recognized as the ConnectWise IT Nation Evolve “2018 Influencer of the Year”.

“We’ve always been proud of the value our content brings to the IT Channel”, says Kam Attwal-Kaila, ITBD Chief Culture Officer.  “When speaking at other events, the Audience always asks about how they can access ‘more?’.    Build IT is our way to try and answer this question, and do so in a fashion that meets the diverse knowledge needs of the IT business owner.”

The Build IT agenda will contain 30+ workshops covering a myriad of many business disciplines, and designed to provide applicable insights from Subject Matter Experts.  These workshops will be complemented by the Build IT Workbook, including presentation materials, templates, and scorecards tailored to the IT Channel.  Workshop topics will include Leadership, HR, Culture, Team Development, Sales & Marketing, and other topics traditionally sought out by MSP Owners in diverse ways.

Sunny Kaila, ITBD, Chief Executive Officer added, “Today’s MSP Owner faces the same type of diverse business challenges as their peers in the Enterprise realm, but are usually supported by much smaller Leadership Teams.  With Build IT, we’re excited about providing the environment to learn, and the tools to be immediately utilized within their business.”

About ITBD: IT By Design provides high-quality MSP-Ready Talent to Information Technology (IT) Solutions Providers that consistently exceed Partner expectations. IT By Design is the go-to provider for Dedicated Remote Engineers, 24x7x365 NOC services, and White Labeled Helpdesk solutions. Having been a successful MSP ourselves since 2003, we guarantee our peers accountability, reliability, and integrity.

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