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Employee Engagement for Your MSP

As an MSP in today’s candidate driven market, it is more important than ever to create corporate culture that invests in the members of your team.  We all understand that a positive workplace culture is an integral part of a successful business, but where do you start? A lot of ideas are thrown around about

Cultivating Culture

A recent study showed 69% of people listed company culture as the main reason for leaving their current employer. While salary increases are also a major factor, budgetary constraints may not allow for this.  What you can control is how people feel about working for you. Below are five tips to follow to cultivate a

Onboarding Process for Long Term Success

Onboarding for Long-Term Success  As MSPs, we thrive on the success of effectively handling technical issues of our clients.  To do this, it is critical to ensure clear communication with clients right from the start.  At IT By Design this starts with our onboarding process, which has become an integral piece to our success as

Build IT 2020

New Jersey, July 18, 2019—The inaugural partner event hosted by New Jersey Master MSP IT By Design (ITBD), a market leader providing engineering talent to IT service providers, brought nearly 400 MSP community members together July 14-16 to share knowledge and best practices for IT services providers. The event, which hosted 300 MSP businesses, clearly

It might have been a challenge for some keynotes to top Monday night’s outing, but New York Times best-selling author John C. Maxwell did it handily, kicking off Build IT day two with his incredible insights. Easily one of the most humble people I’ve ever met, his keynote was riveting. While addressing several concepts from

Day 1 of Build IT started with a bang–two keynotes featuring women well-versed in business success. Our own Kam Attwal-Kaila, President of IT By Design, was followed by Technology Marketing Toolkits CEO Robin Robins.  Kam spoke on the challenges the MSP landscape, focusing in on the root cause of many business problems: getting the right