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Kam Attwal

Kam Attwal

Chief Executive Officer

Kam Attwal is the CEO of IT By Design, the chief visionary behind the company’s long-standing success in the information technology industry. Having been with the company since 2000, Kam spearheaded ITBD insurgence as one of the premier IT Solutions providers in the New York City Metro Market. She is the driving force behind ITBD’s expansion, with the development of ITBD branch offices both nationally and internationally. Her core focus on driving business helps ITBD provide services into broader markets with more diverse offerings. Her management experience, along with over 10+ years of IT knowledge, helps to direct the growth and development of the ITBD name worldwide. Kam was instrumental in fostering partnerships with leading industry vendors, including the fastest Enterprise partnership VMware had seen to date. In addition, she spearheaded the development of IT By Design’s Enterprise Solutions division, expanding the company’s expertise to include high level engineering projects and implementations.

Kam has a double Master’s Degree from both Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has been a respected professor at both Rutgers University and Hudson County College. She is a member, and leader, of numerous industry associations and has received numerous awards including the Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2013 from The Kidney Urology Foundation.

Kam is an industry leader in providing Sales consulting services to other MSP’s and has been invited to speak at numerous speaking engagements and MC opportunities throughout the years. In 2013, Kam cofounded SOLPRO, a Back office Solutions company for other solutions providers. Her years of sales experience have spearheaded the Telemarketing, Sales and Research divisions for both Solpro and ITBD.

Sunny Kaila

Sunny Kaila

Founder and President

Sunny Kaila is the Founder and President of IT By Design. Having begun his career as an IT Manager in the Public Relations sector, Sunny quickly progressed into the IT Director role for a nationwide Human Resources firm. Leveraging the experience gained from these organizations, Sunny became the visionary behind IT by Design. Under his leadership, IT By Design is one of the fastest growing Infrastructure Management Services organizations in the New York Metro area. He is the driving force behind IT by Design’s global expansion and has in 2013 established a new joint venture to create a business analytics company called Solpro.

Sunny graduated with an honors degree in computer engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has received numerous industry awards and honors, including recognition from the Government of Alberta and The White House. In 2013, Sunny was also honored with the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Kidney and Urology Foundation of America.

Along with Sunny's business accomplishments, he is also a family man with his wife and three boys. He is also a very active member of the community. Sunny is a co-Founder and President of the Sikh American Chamber of Commerce, a commerce based initiative to promote entrepreneurship within the Sikh Community.

Javid Khan

Javid Khan

Chief Technology Officer

Javid Khan is the Chief Technology Officer for IT by Design. He is responsible for understanding client business requirements, helping them form an IT strategy, assessing the risks and opportunity, and designing their computer infrastructure. He joined IT by Design in 2008. He previous work included database administration and systems administration. Javid graduated from St. John’s University.

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